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Monday, November 7, 2011

find Vogue living & Zoe Hoare Hamptons style in our store!

Zoe Hoare, Australian expat and daughter of renowned London antique dealer Appley Hoare now lives in this gorgeous cottage in the Hamptons. She found this pair of 1950s bikes at a local antiques fair in the Hamptons, just one example of her keen eye for unique treasures!
She displays her antiques with flair. These are French milliner's heads, similar to ones that I showed in a previous post, on an antique dresser.
She has an amazing arched window mirror in her dining room. The chandelier is wonderful, too. What a light and airy space, the peaked ceiling painted white is stunning.
This is a rare French iron arched window mirror that we have in the store at the moment. It is currently in the garden room as I can imagine it on a courtyard wall. But it would look equally as good in a dining room as Zoe has shown.
Zoe outside with her potting bench. Note the French flower jug and watering cans, and the flower bucket...
...all available in our store!
And her Gustavian settee?
Again, available in our store! The only difference is our settee is an 18th century version, Zoe's is a reproduction available from her partner, Chris Mead's store, English Country Antiques. To visit his store, click here. Well, in actual fact, our settee is still in storage. We bought it on our buying trip earlier in the year but we have not had room for it in our store as yet. It is soon to take prime position, however!
Barnacles and simple cushions are very relaxed Hamptons style, I think.
We only have two barnacle clumps left in store, they make great decorator items.
We will be adding checked linen cushions to our range shortly, in addition to our grainsack striped pillows (above). We have acquired some lovely antique French linen of a similar design to Zoe's cushions. Watch this space!
And the decoy duck on Zoe's shelf above the Gustavian settee?
A very similar model is currently in our garden room. These decoy ducks ooze with character and charm. Do you like Zoe Hoare's relaxed style? We certainly do. (For the full article on Zoe Hoare's Hamptons cottage, see Vogue Living Australia, Nov/Dec pages 142 - 151).


  1. Wowww i see great things darling.......love those grainsacs pillows !!! enjoy your week....love love from me...xxx...

  2. Hi Tammy,

    So glad you featured this article as I bought the current issue myself, just for this one article! I love how they have furnished their home and love how they have used big scale things to really pack a punch. So often people would rather a heap of little things scattered here and there when this sort of decorating I love as it shows you don't need a hundred things everywhere to create impact etc.,

    Yes, I'm with you as those checkered cushions on the settee caught my eye too. Will have to keep my eyes open when you show them on your blog!

    I really loved their lounge room too. I am crazy about slip-covered furniture and hopefully one day my lounge room will have a slip-covered couch. Anyway, loved the side table with the lamps and the bleached antlers and that huge wooden dough bowl (?) underneath. Am also crazy about the floor lamp near the two couches. Don't think it would hurt the local light shop here to stock something like that, they only seem to stock modern ugly stuff....now before I leave that room noticed the french milliners heads too, and instantly thought of what you featured on your blog not so long ago. Tammy you are ahead of your time!!!!

    When I turned to page 148 and saw their dining room, wow so gorgeous, did you like that too? I loved the vaulted ceilings and the light fixture was in proportion to the room and loved the table and chairs. Then over the page loved the dresser and lamp also.....heck loved it all as I'm still looking at the article days later.....

    This is rather long, loved discussing the article and am now crossing my fingers that this comment now prints and doesn't get lost in cyber space.....enjoy the rest of your week.....oh before I go love string also. Have got a gorgous bundle on THE sideboard but would never consider using it as it's way too nice...I'm like that with candles too, some are just way too nice to light and watch melt away.......going now

    take care
    N.W. Coast Tassie

  3. Hi Janine,

    Gosh, I am glad that your comment didn't get lost in cyberspace as well! I always select a long message and copy it beforehand to ensure that you can paste it if need be, if this makes sense? I have had many comments and emails go missing in no-man's-land too.

    Thank you for your thoughtful comments, and I am glad that you like Zoe Hoare's home too. You are right, you don't need a hundred pieces here and there, just a few well selected pieces that you love. I am not sure whether that large bowl is a dough bowl either, it could be a large wash trough? Have you ever looked at Appley Hoare's website? She has amazing furniture and antique accessories. You can also stay at her place in France! It is gorgeous...

    Yes, keep an eye out for the cushions, they are being made as I write this! (Obviously not by myself, I am not THAT good at multi-tasking!). Take care, and enjoy the rest of your week, Regards, Tammy