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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

a visit to Melbourne and the Johnston collection

On a little escape to Melbourne over the weekend, I visited the Johnston Collection, a collection of beautiful antiques brought together over many years by the late antiques dealer, William Robert Johnston. He generously donated his collection to the public in the form of a charitable trust which was to take effect upon his death. It is all housed within his former Georgian style Victorian period residence, Fairhall. In the image above is a wonderfully classic French Empire period commode with a marble top and a French gilt mirror. I love the light coming in through the French doors, lighting up the marble urn.

Another French gilt mirror above a Regengy period chair. The green glass Hundi lantern makes a change from plain coloured ones.

This French oak armoire dates to around c.1800 and is not going anywhere...the trims on the ceiling above it are fitted in around the top of the armoire! This piece is just outside the kitchen and would have once made a very good pantry cupboard for Mr Johnston. Although we did find out that he did not like to cook and preferred to dine out.

The kitchen is charming but definitely not a cook's kitchen. I fell in love with the French oak refectory table as it had a lovely honey colour. Windsor chairs are classic too.

This drawing room is gorgeous, especially the French doors which lead out to the little courtyard and garden. The most spectacular part of the entire room, however, is the Regency crystal chandelier (only just visible in the above picture). It is not electrified but holds candles encased by storm shades. It may have been the most beautiful chandelier I have ever seen. Again, I must get my chandelier up soon. I have nearly finished cleaning each lustre but I am now more inspired than ever to see it above the dining room table...watch this space.

For more information on The Johnston Collection, visit http://www.johnstoncollection.org/. All photos from here.


  1. Beautiful! It must have been amazing to see this in person. I just adore how light and airy the house looks ...

  2. So beauriful....enjoy your weekend in Melbourne darling !!..i hope you find great things!!!! love love Ria...xxx..

  3. i just love the mirror on the 1st pic!
    gorgeous photos!
    take care,

  4. I agree with you bikim, I also love the mirror on the 1st pic so antique. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi Tammy,

    How do you find out about these things?? I would love to see this house in person. Love the white and black tiles. A friend of mine has them in her house and they look so 'gutsy' Anything whe puts with them is stunning. Certainly will never date.

    Enjoy your weekend.

    Take care

  6. Hi Janine, I have actually been longing to go to this house for a few years but each time I go to Melbourne they have been closed! Well worth a visit, only $22 for a guided tour and very inspiring. I like the black and white tiles too! Have a good weekend, also, Tammy

  7. the johnston collection is a wonderful place to visit here in my home town of melbourne . at various times of the year the house is made available for organisations to hold exhibitions in also and you are able to see this lovely house in all its splendor as well as the exhibition.