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Monday, March 28, 2011

antique hunting in style

We continued our antique hunt with a visit to one of my favourite trade stores which is always brimming with delightful and interesting antiques. And all presented with flair. Above is a 19th century rocking horse...very primitive in form but quite stylish. It is French and dates to around 1850.
The rusty French antiques sign on the exterior of the store.
I bought these vintage sweet jars in a wooden crate. It is very hard to find so many together.
Other French jars held spools of cotton of various colours. An instant collection!
I can never have enough white or cream china. Gorgeous French oyster plates in the shelf above.
A collection of wooden milliners heads in pigeon holes. I have never seen forms such as these. They are German and date to 1900. Nice shelving too...
A painted chest of drawers with character and a collection of pond yachts.
A collection of colourful drums. I bought a lovely French cherrywood elm dough bin today with lovely carving. Tomorrow I am going to a small trade fair and I hope to have more great finds!


  1. What a beautiful things......have a nice week darling.....love love Ria....xxx...

  2. Hi Tammy,

    WOW!! You are a long way away. I have just caught up on this post and the previous one. Wish I was there with you, so many gorgeous things to see.

    So many unusual things, like the milliners heads, but I think my absolute favourite are the drums.

    Can't wait to see what gems you find tomorrow.

    Thanks for sharing and safe travelling.

    Take care
    N.W. Coast Tassie

  3. It's all so gorgeous, especially that amazing rocking horse!

  4. Oh wow!! I am with Sarah, that rocking horse is amazing.

    stay safe xox

  5. Everything looks beautiful - though if I had to pick, I'd definitely give that rocking horse a wonderful new home! ;)