Located in the beautiful Derwent Valley, Tasmania

Monday, August 30, 2010

Ready and open! Mora clock and French buffet de corp make an entrance

After a mad last minute rush, we were finally ready to open our doors Sunday morning. We are really pleased with the impact our new stock has made on our store - it has so much energy! We hope that everyone can feel it as they walk into the store. At our front entrance we have set up a French cherrywood farmhouse table with rush seat country chairs. And as a backdrop there is a French cherrywood buffet de corp with the loveliest carved detail. It dates to around 1800. Next to this piece is one of our favourite finds of our trip, a Swedish mora clock (pictured above). The beautiful blue mora clock (below) has already found a new home to go to (and unfortunately not my home!) Oh well, if the other clock does not find a home...


  1. Congratulations on your store it is fantastic, so many beautiful things, I so wish I had more money. Can't wait for the mora clock to come to its new home!
    Lynette :)

  2. We are glad you liked our latest offerings. And congratulations on the clock, you lucky gal!

  3. You have a very good clock right there! By the way, I also found antique clocks here: www.morethanantiques.com.au.