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Friday, May 31, 2013

antique buying trip begins! with a fun flea market...

We have been so busy in the shop of late with projects and finding new and exciting stock, along with the opening of Flywheel.  And suddenly it was time to head to Europe buying antiques, yet again.  Time just seems to fly at the moment!  It seems it was only months since our last buying trip.   

 The very next day after arriving in Europe we headed to a famous weekly flea market.  Up at 4.30a.m. is not a big deal if you are already jet-lagged!  We found all sorts of goodies to buy, from early 20th century buttons, French cutlery and wonderful enamelled chemist's bottles.  Some stalls specialised in a particular theme, such as leather boots, above. 

Other stalls exhibited a decorative flare, such as this one with stacks of French paper books.  It was fun finding bits and pieces and to try and converse a little in French again (although very poorly on my part, I might add).

My favourite find of the morning?  This charming late 19th century book press with the manufacturer's plaque to the front.  This of course will be headed straight to Flywheel after its long journey across the seas!
Until next time,


  1. Great find on the book press, those boots are divine just love the buckles. look forward to seeing what other treasures you discover.

    1. Hi Lynette,

      Thanks for stopping in and I am glad you like the bookpress. Perfect for Flywheel and our theme, really.

      Take care, Tammy xx

  2. Great stuff Tammy !!! where are you.....???...love from me...xxx...!