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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

vintage Vespa dreaming...

Image from here
I have been absent for a little while for two reasons.  Firstly, I took a short break combined with a furniture delivery run to Melbourne.  And secondly, I have been experiencing boring technical difficulties with uploading images to my blog.  After days of repeated attempts, a trusty google search helped me in manoeuvring around the problem.  And speaking of which, wouldn't it be fun to manoeuvre around the streets of Rome in one of these little guys? 

I am referring to the Vespa which is an Italian brand of scooter manufactured by Piaggio. The name Vespa means wasp in Italian. And this may seem a little off track for me, perhaps, but I found a vintage model while I was out and about in Melbourne...

Isn't it a little beauty?  Now, I must confess something at this stage.  I am scared of bikes.  All bikes, that is.  Riding one, not an unexplainable phobia of being near them but literally being on one.  And  this is probably limited to just on streets and roads, I would be fine meandering along a country lane without the chance or a looming truck behind me.  Or on a farm would be fine too, as I grew up riding motorbikes as a child in large open spaces. 

I am quite admiring of bike riders who are helping the environment by choosing to ride bicycles, without feeling the need to be among them.  But finding this particular model made me both want a scooter and also start daydreaming about zipping around Hobart wearing a little black leather jacket and matching helmet like the uber chic model in first image! 
Maybe it is the innocent baby shower blue colour? Or the comfortable seat? I am not sure but I fell in love.
I am guessing the ornament (there is probably a more accurate "bikey" term than ornament, but we will go with this) is an aeroplane?  Strange it isn't a wasp, I think.  And look at the shine on the body.  From the tag I read this is a 1962 model and has been fully restored.  And for $4950 it maybe isn't a bargain but it sure is a vintage dream.   

I kindly left it for the next person...

Until next time,



  1. Hello Tammy:
    The Vespa is so very Italian. We love them even though we too would be afraid to either drive or sit upon one. They look so very stylish and are, of course, eminently practical when it comes to dodging traffic and manoeuvring narrow streets. Lovely!!

  2. Wowwwww that blue one is amazing !!!!!...love from me...xxx...happy week...!!!

  3. Hi Tammy-They are like riding art. I have a fully re-conned 1965 Vespa 150 in cherry red and I cant wipe the smile off my face when I ride it! Plus they look almost as good standing still in the cafe!