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Friday, May 18, 2012

new in store! architect's table, French industrial table, plan drawers and more

It has been an incredibly busy week here at The Drill Hall Emporium.  And I wouldn't have it any other way!  We had several pieces of furniture go out for deliveries and loads of reshuffling to make way for some really fabulous pieces, including this iron based architect's table, above.  

This table is such a unique piece, I can just see it in a creative person's study or living area, ready for use.  I myself feel more creative just looking at it!   And I can't help imagining what sort of plans were drawn at it, many I believe as there are thousands of little pin holes in the pine top. It has a patent mark to the adjustable iron base, I plan to research the number so that I may accurately date it.


This is a large French walnut plan chest which we have placed at the front entrance of the store to make a great impact. It would be fantastic for plans as originally intended, but it could also be used to store almost anything. Linen, for example, as the wide and deep drawers would keep large pieces nice and flat.

This table originated in a French engineering factory and is very industrial, especially the construction of the iron base.  It measures a whopping 4 metres in length!  The wooden top has a lovely patina to it, it certainly has been well used.   

The base legs terminate in iron "feet" with holes for screwing the table down.  I love the green painted finish contrasted with the natural look of the top. 

These 19th century drapery shears are massive!  At almost 16 inches in length, they are bound to give you RSI.  But I tried them out of interest, they are really sharp despite their age and cut amazingly well.  The brass pivot screw has the maker's name engraved into it, they are made by R.Heinisch, Inventor, Newark, N.J. 

And lastly we have a collection of original French butcher's hooks.  Of course, they need not be used to hang meat these days, they can be used in a kitchen to hang pots and pans, or similar.  We have already sold a few of which will be used as meat hooks.
We have also had some fabulous French linen come into the store this week, and a new range of grainsack cushions...images next week. 

I wish all of my readers a great weekend, whatever your plans.  I am working tomorrow in the store (not really work, I don't think!) and will potter around the house on Sunday, perhaps plant some winter greens.  Until next time!  


  1. What a beautiful stuff.......love from Holland.....xxx...xxx..

  2. Hi Tammy,

    Everything you have shown us looks absolutely fabulous. I don't think that architect's plan table will last long as all! Everything else I love too. See I need more than one house to fit it all in.

    I have missed reading your two previous posts. Sorry about that. Always nice for you to share things with us as it's a small window to see things we couldn't normally see.

    Very busy here and as a result will probably be dragging my feet commenting for a bit!

    Love calling into your blog and look forward to seeing your new grainsack cushions.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend too. Don't work too hard!!!

    Take care

    1. Hi Janine,

      Great to hear from you. I am glad that you like the pieces, it looks like the architect's table is much admired. I am dreaming of more space myself!

      I hope you had a wonderful weekend, also.

      Regards, Tammy

  3. Oh I loooooove than french industrial table. What a find!!

  4. Love the table made with Kee Klamp!

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