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Monday, April 30, 2012

antique fair in Melbourne this week!

 The AAADA (Australian Antiques and Art Dealers Association) antiques fair is on again in Melbourne this week opening Thursday night through to late Sunday afternoon.  You may recall my post last year with beautiful antiques such as these carved oak angels, above.

I will once again be assisting the Tasmanian based exhibitor Richmond Antiques with their stand.  I love being involved with the set up of the fair, working out how to display everything to maximum effect. 

This harp is beautiful, I admired it every day at the fair last year.  A harp is definitely on my eternal want list.

Coral and leather books in a shelf. 

A French limed armoire.  I hope to see more such decorative antiques this year.  I will post on my favourite pieces during or after the fair.

The fair is held at the Royal Exhibition Building which is one of the world's oldest remaining exhibition pavilions and is World Heritage listed. Located in Carlton Gardens, the pavilion was originally completed in 1880 for the first of two international fairs hosted by Melbourne. Today, with its meticulously restored interior, expansive galleries and soaring dome, the Great Hall offers an impressive setting for event.  For more details on the fair, including opening times, venue details and exhibitor list visit AAADA

I hope to see you there!


  1. Hi,
    o my.. that harp is truly beauty...
    there is so much nice things in these pics ! especially in that harp picture! that painting and everything.. :)
    have a nice week!

    1. Hi akissfromthepast, I am glad you like the harp etc. We must have similar taste! Have a great week also, Tammy

  2. Oooh how exciting I had no idea this was on in Melbourne. I love Antique fairs and also love the whole set up etc. and working in them.. I have helped out before at the Battersea Decorative Antique Fair in London- it was amazing. Have fun and I look forward to your post later.. xx

  3. Great fair !!!..enjoy it darling....love from me....xxx...

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