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Saturday, February 25, 2012

flowers and produce at the farmer's market in the Derwent Valley!

It is a perfect, I mean absolutely perfect day in the Derwent Valley today, if a little warm (38 degrees Celsius). So I thought I would stop at the farmer's market on my way to opening the store this morning. And I have a feeling the "magic" ice tea stall will sell out!

Although this farmer's market is very small, it is packed with goodies such as field tomatoes and freshly picked zucchinis with flowers attached.

One can also find treats such as these homemade flat breads made by Devilish Delish. As well as jams, relishes and wild herb pesto. The pesto I bought on my last visit to the market has definitely made my chicken sandwiches a lot more exciting.

The Devilish Delish stall also sells fresh produce such as roman zucchini, squash and herbs.

And prepackaged herbs for your favourite Indian curries. This is a great way to have the fresh herbs and spices you need without waste. Very clever!

The busker's dog was taking a break in the shade, whilst guarding the hard earned money in the hat.

Flowers and nectarines on another great stall from which I bought some free range eggs and apples...

And a large bunch of hydrangeas.

I placed the hydrangeas in our French iron urn at the entrance to our shop. I love these flowers as the blooms last for a long time. Hydrangeas like water right up their stems.

Look at the colour variations, the pinks and purples are gorgeous. In the cool of the shop I am standing at the counter admiring the display. In fact, is it possible for a bunch of flowers to make one's day?

This market is held every Saturday at 9am at the Oast House, New Norfolk.


  1. What a great market......why do you live so far away darling ???...love love love ...xxx...xxx..

  2. Those hydrangeas are just beautiful. I used to pick at dusk then put them in a bath full of water and push them all under. Next morning shake dry and place in a beautiful John Campbell blue hydrangea vase! Superb!

  3. The wonderful colours of the hydrangeas, I love them too ! And yes I think it is possible for a bunch of flowers to make your day !