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Friday, January 20, 2012

French wine tables, French armoires and more

As you can see, the French armoire came together. The shop is coming together too, but there is much work to do, so I must get back to it. I have taken photos of some of the unusual pieces that are new into the store, enjoy!
19th century stools with shaped seats, a pair.
English 1 and 1/2 gallon milk cans.
A French marble topped patisserie counter with French glass domes.
I love these wire storage crates, with brass labels.
A French skittles set in a French picker's basket.
A French vendange table on a buffet, and French glass bottles. Monogrammed linen. A fabulous square leather and brass bound trunk. A massive French display cabinet in soft grey tones. Right, back to work for me, 10am opening tomorrow morning and I want to be ready.


  1. I love those beautiful things!
    Have a nice day.
    Love Annette

  2. i Love the first pic!!! :) :)
    akissfrotmhepast xox

  3. Sorry we are not down there, we would love to be there at 10:00am tomorrow, mal E & Bh (sometimes in Tunbridge, Tasmania)

  4. It all looks so great !!...good luck tomorrow.....love from me......xxx

  5. Love all the items and good luck - hope that it goes well.

    Leeann x

  6. Hello everyone,

    Thank you for your kind comments.

    And Janine, I must admit, the thought has totally crossed my mind with the Swedish bureau in my last post. I was hoping for a tall bureau for my space as I have so many books and magazines to store away. But it would look unbelievable! If it doesn't find a home, who knows?

    And yes, go buy a tattslotto ticket, for sure. It may be your lucky week...

    Thanks again, I wish all a lovely weekend.

    Regards, Tammy

  7. Just find your blog, I love milk cans!

  8. Hi, thank you for your lovely comment! I decided to take look at your blog right away and I love it! I'm sure that we share the same passion :-)
    Untill next time!


  9. Lovely shop, makes want to hop on over, Penny x

  10. What a lovely things ,we share the same passion for Brocante,i am a new follower;-) Nice!
    Whit lovely recards Manuela

  11. love your shop, what a lovely things.
    Too pity it's so far away.
    Kind regards Nelly