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Thursday, December 8, 2011

new French style bakery cafe in Hobart...Daci & Daci

I am very excited with the new bakery cafe that has only just opened in the last few weeks, right near Salamanca Place in Murray Street. It is called Daci & Daci, the names of the passionate duo who are currently baking their hearts out to deliver artisan breads and patisserie items to meet Hobart's demands. I called in this afternoon and bought some fig and walnut bread, green olive bread and their grainy bread, too! I didn't know which to try first...And the bread is all displayed on a 19th century French iron baker's stand. The bread has been selling out quickly, as you can see. You may recognise the baker's stand from our store. We were pretty sad to see it leave, we all loved it so much. But now I get to visit it in its new home. And the best part is it is now being used for its original purpose - to display bread!
The antique Gothic style counter has inset marble for the French style sweet pastries. I bought a traditional French escargot pastry to bring back memories of Paris.
The asparagus and gruyere tart had all but sold out. The savoury pastries and fresh sandwiches are displayed on these French style cheese boards.
Other baked items available for purchase, such as vanilla marshmallows, toasted muesli, Christmas cakes along with many other goodies, all made on site. In fact, the building was originally a bakery. There is a photo of the 19th century bakery within the cafe.
You can sit out on the deck on a nice day on these vintage French cafe chairs at original French bistro tables.
It is because of passionate people such as Daci & Daci that makes me love living in Hobart. I am pretty sure I will become a frequent visitor of Daci & Daci...did I mention that they make a great coffee?


  1. wow, this bakery looks amazing! the next time I am in the Salamanca area I will definitely have to give it a try and I will make sure to look at the bakers stand from your shop!
    keep up the great blogs and inspiring pictures...

  2. I miss all your posts ?? how is that possible....i do not know...i follow......strange......love from me...xxx..

  3. Another reason to love Hobart even more! How wonderful to see your Baker's stand go to such a worthy home Tammy.
    Millie xx