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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

finishing vintage touches to my white bathroom

You may have already seen my bathroom from my previous post. As I explained, I jumped the gun and photographed the room before it was completely finished. I was still working on the blind at the time but I was so excited I became snap-happy. Now that the room has changed a little, I thought I had better update everyone on the finished product. For the blind, I took some French linen that I bought as part of a collection on my last trip overseas... The linen is actually a French wine harvest tablecloth and dates to around c.1900. I believe that the French would use such tablecloths for al fresco dining during the wine harvest season. I can just imagine it spread on a small table under an olive tree with baguette and cheeses upon it. Oh and wine, of course. And probably wrinkled, too, as French people have a relaxed approach to dining...tablecloths and napkins were often not ironed as far as I know. That is my way of life! This particular cloth had a tear near one of the edges but it was larger than I needed so it was perfect. And a perfect way to recycle an otherwise damaged piece.
Voila! The roman style blind for the bathroom window. It is lovely and textural as it is handwoven linen. I like the light coming through it (I have backed it in one pass curtain lining) as you can see the weave of the linen.
Next I brought home from the store a deerskin rug to give the room some warmth...
It is a nice contrast with the oak flooring, I think.
I painted the dark brown waste paper basket with a lime wash paint. I am not sure whether it looks good or not, but it sure looks better than the dark brown...
And finally, flowers in a vintage milk jug. I think they are freesias, but I am not totally sure. All I know is they are pretty and also have a gorgeous perfume...
Another view of the room with my finishing touches. Definetly warmer and more homely, I think. As usual, I would love to hear your your comments.


  1. This is much better !!..it looks wonderful......enjoy your day darling...love from me...xxx...

  2. oh my! Beautiful you are so clever, such a beautiful eye for detail xox

  3. Very impressive, Tammy! The outcome is very great, and it looked like it was shot in the 80s! But if I may suggest, I think you can give it more vintage effect if you add some dim bulbs on the ceiling.

    Terence Watthens