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Monday, July 4, 2011

sneak peek of shipment goodies!

I managed to find loads of lovely French linens on the trip and I have been having fun sorting through them. There is a lot of antique monogrammed sheets which would be great reinvented as tablecloths. Heirlooms of the future. I bought a collection of child's shoe lasts that once belonged to a London cobbler. We have carefully waxed them. Each one is unique and has heaps of character.
Our mortar and pestle stocks have been replenished thanks to these lovely big examples. There is actually an even bigger one yet to be unwrapped.
French hand blown glass bottles. I can never have enough of these.
Views across the store. As you can see, we have a lot of sorting to do!
We will have quite a few sets of French skittles in store including these lovely chunky examples. These would be great fun for family days in the backyard over summer. Or they would just look great displayed on a shelf as they have a great shape and patina.
This basket is French and dates to around 1900. I love the flat weave design and the wooden branch like handle.
French shop scales with brass dishes. We also have a chic white enamel example again with the original brass dishes.
One of my favourite pieces is this French florist's jug with a brass label. We have never had anything quite like this. We are still currently closed at the moment sorting, cleaning and arranging. We will be reopen for trade on Sunday 17th July. I will update on progress late in the week with a few more pictures of how the store is taking shape.


  1. That jug !!! is like a dream !!! wowwww it is great !!!..like the linnen .....yeah !! nice things......enju your week darling.......love Ria....xxx...

  2. I agree Ria, that jug is sensational! Hope you have lots of fun unpacking and sorting everything; it was GREAT to see a sneak peek!


  3. Hi Ria and Katrina. Thank you for your lovely comments. We will have lots of fun sorting everything, more pictures to come!