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Sunday, February 6, 2011

all my favourite things in Jeanne d'Arc Living

I was jumping with joy like a child when these two Jeanne d'Arc Living magazines arrived all the way from The Netherlands, sent by the wonderful Ria of It's Me (thanks Ria! I love them!). But the gorgeously styled covers were only the beginning. Inside were the most beautiful European homes, all looking lived in and comfortable...and filled with my favourite things.
Slip-covered arm chairs with heavy linen cushions. Just the relaxed look our store is going for at the moment. Nice pale floors as well, very Gustavian.
I love French iron day beds and this one is no exception. Again, nice comfy looking linen covered cushions.
This dining room looks functional but still relaxed, particularly with the mismatched chairs. The glazed top dresser fills the wall really well and is perfect to display glass and china. As much as I am a fan of open shelving, glass doors keep things dust free which ultimately means more time to play and display!
I adore this chequered painted floor! Especially with the grey and white as opposed to the more commonly used black and white. It has a really soft look.
Brrr! Sometimes it is easy to forget that it is snowing on the other side of the world. I would definitely be underneath that fur, not sitting on top of it! I couldn't help but notice how similar the iron garden or bistro table is to the one we have in store at the moment. Ours is quite free from snow, however.
Another of my favourite styles of day beds...a Swedish painted daybed. I love the French basket chandelier as well. So many lovely muted colours in this room with natural light coming onto the table.
This is probably the image that struck me the most with the quote written on the wall (not to mention the table and chairs...). "RISK more than others think is safe, CARE more than others think is wise, DREAM more than others think is practical, EXPECT more than others think is possible" (Claude Bissell). I could definitely take a little of this advice.
The magazine uses vintage and often unexpected objects in its styling. And they would have pages of vintage items with prices and where to find them. Very useful for those living in Europe. I could dream a little.
And last of all, a very comfortable leather chair and footstool. The perfect spot to enjoy inspiring magazines such as Jeane d'Arc Living.


  1. WOW what beautiful magazines and rooms. The quote is wonderful. Charmaine

  2. Thanks for sharing some of the images from the magazine. I live in Belgium and we can't get the magazine here and if I want it sent from the Netherlands the cost for sending it is much more than the cost of the magazine itself so that's why I haven't ordered it after all but now... well... maybe... I don't know; it just seems so crazy to have to pay so much for just sending it over such a short distance. Really crazy... I also get the idea that all you overseas people think us Europeans all live in houses like that:)) Well, we don't, believe me... I wish... and keep on dreaming... ;-))
    very inspiring magazine though, also for me...
    Once more, thanks for sharing!
    Bye, have a nice day,

  3. Look at that nice to see them on your blog !!....i am glad you like them !!....if you want more issues please let me know!! ....and yes shipping cost are expensive...but it is so so beautiful magazine....!! and two at the same time.....makes your day good!! hahahahha!! love love Ria....xxx....

  4. What beautiful images. The colour palate is so calming - I especially love the grey and white painted floor as well!

  5. Hi Tammy,

    Thanks for sharing these with us. I have heard others on their blogs rave about these magazines, certainly ones to keep and treasure.

    Well, my favourite images are of the grey and white checkered floor. I agree with you it is a nice option apart from the black and white and is certainly 'softer'. The next picture is two down from the checkered floors and I have to say I LOVE THE TABLE and dream of one day owning one. I have seen these in homes in magazines and LOVE them!!

    I also love the graphics on the walls and love what this says also. It certainly packs a visual punch and did you notice they have written on the dining room chairs in the same picture. How cool is that!

    What a great start to your week! Have a good one.

    Take care
    N.W. Coast Tassie

  6. Hi Janine, no I didn't notice the writing on the chairs! It is funny how different people see different things in the same image. Sounds like we agree on the grey and white checkered flooring though...wonderful, isn't it? And I hadn't looked at that folding table properly either, if we ever find one we will let you know! Have a great week, Tammy

  7. Tammy what wonderful rooms!! I love love love the french iron day bed too so beautiful xox

  8. What's not to love here Tammy - everything is divine. Thank you so much for this post, I have just the person I'm going to send that wonderful wall quotation to.
    Millie x

  9. I want to redesign my home immediately. I'm in love.

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