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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

new in store...a birdcage, french benches, a duck and more

This birdcage was put into the store today. I love the shape! I found a spot for it in the soft furnishings room on a blue painted chest of drawers, the colours work well together. These French fruitwood forms have been in the shop previously, but they couldn't fit for a while so they went into storage. I am glad I found a spot for them on the big farmhouse table as I really like these. They are much happier in the store.
These soft pink linen cushions have just come in. One sold instantly, so only one is left. It is backed in a soft bone linen.
Donna found this French pottery bowl during the week. It has a lovely glaze and is a good size.
This cute decoy duck has made his home on an old Oscar Wilde book on a French ladder. He looks content, does he not?
The case on top of the tin trunk is made from a black canvas and has a leather trim. It too was a lucky find this week.
And our clever younger sister has been busy hand printing these calico bags with French sayings using our antique printers blocks (she raided our stock to do these!). Next she will do some for Christmas, perfect for wrapping Christmas presents...the ultimate recyclable wrapping!
The new range of bags are hanging on our French ladder at the counter, ready for action.


  1. I do love the vintage suitcases. Lucky I don't live in Tasmania I would be broke! Charmaine

  2. that's a lovely idea!!! Those linenbags!!! So simple but SO cute!!!


  3. That suitcases !!! wowwww...whe can exchange you the wings and i one of that !! ...wowwwww!! hahahahaah!!! lovely new things darling !!!.....lovely day......Ria...

  4. Hi Tammy,

    Am loving everything you have in store, it all looks so beautiful. Your sister is very clever with the printing on the linen bags. The French fruitwood forms would have to look stunning, even for the patina alone!! Hope you are having a good week.
    Take care
    N.W. Coast Tassie

  5. The shop is looking gorgeous Tammy!
    Millie ^_^

  6. Ooh, lovely lovely things! LOVE the idea of using your antique printer blocks :)

    Finally took your advice and checked out Sweet Envy and it was DIVINE! Thanks for the tip (I finally tasted macarons in Hobart, hooray!).

    Um, I have a rather off-the-topic question Tammy (hope you don't mind) - around Christmas time last year I was in your shop and some lovely Christmas-y piano music was playing. I don't suppose you recall who it might have been so I can locate myself a copy?

    Merci :)

  7. What beautiful things! I love the birdcage - I have one almost like it.

    thank you so much for your comment, you are too kind!

  8. The Christmas themed calico bags sound like a great idea! can't wait to see them, wonder who would be getting the lucky job of doing that one??