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Sunday, November 21, 2010

a visit to a peony farm in Tasmania with olive oil tasting

How beautiful are these images of flowers? They are of peonies, in various stages of bloom. I particularly love the last image of the peony buds. And the colours of the flowers are simply wonderful. Donna and a friend were lucky enough to visit this peony farm in Brighton, Tasmania last weekend. The visit to the farm was organised by Karen Wagner garden consultant owner of Karen Wagner Design Studio and Garden Store which I mentioned in my previous post. The day included a tour of the farm and information on growing peonies as well as olive oil tasting made from olives grown on the farm. The group also enjoyed focaccia cooked in the outside wood fired oven.
The farm had the most wonderful potager (above). Oh, to have the space, the time, the know-how, the patience...in the mean time I will have to be content with drooling over these images.
Please note: Whilst I am happy and flattered for my own images from my other posts to be copied, I must ask please do not copy these images as they are not my own. I thank you for your understanding.


  1. Gorgeous, one of my favourite flowers.

    They are divine. How lucky were they?! xox

  2. How wonderful, what a treat. I just bought a huge bunch of these from the farmer's market today. I didn't imagine their farm was so stunning.

  3. Aamzing farm !! wowwww...all that pionies!!! lovely post !!! happy sunday........love Ria....

  4. I would love to have access to peonies like that. What a beautiful farm. All of it appealing, love olive oil too, a little balsamic, crusty bread... :)

  5. Aaah! How amazing! The gardens look gorgeous - a few of the photos had me drooling as well ;)

  6. Yes, I feel very privileged living in Tasmania with wonderful opportunities such as this visit to a peony farm...count me in on the next such visit!

  7. Hi Tammy,

    I've only just dicovered your blog in the last couple of days. I need more time to go and have a look at previous posts!!! I have had a long look at the Emporium...everything looks stunning and I would love to visit someday soon. Hope you are having a great week and I'll call in again soon.
    Take care
    N.W. Coast Tassie

  8. Hi Janine, Yes, please do call in. We are always changing so there is something new to see! With thanks for your lovely comments, Tammy