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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Antiques make Cote de Texas' "Top Ten Design Elements" list

For all those people who have not read Cote de Texas Top 10 Design Elements from the 4th September (See http://cotedetexas.blogspot.com/2010/09/top-ten-design-elements.html) here are some of my favourite photos (below). The above photo is from one her newer posts but I thought it appropriate. Through many beautiful photos, Cote de Texas shows us how antiques can "make" an otherwise dull room. She even goes as far to say that a room for me, is not as complete, or as interesting, without some type of antique element included in its design.

This is one of my favourite rooms. I love the mix of antique chairs and the blue painted bookcase on the far wall.

The antique sofa in the room is a highlight! And Cote de Texas points out the Mora clock peeking in from the next room (she has great attention to detail...). A lovely room.

The French chairs with the blue monogrammed upholstery are antique, as is the Chinese coffee table. I think this room shows that you do not have to stick to one type of antique for example, French, but can mix periods and styles to create a more unique look.

Now we come to my two favourite photos which have made me walk around our store with different eyes. The two arm chairs to the left of this room have such beautiful lines and as Cote de Texas points out, how could anyone choose contemporary chairs over these?

And Donna, the lucky gal, bought this similar limed Swedish arm chair from our store earlier this year. It now sits happily in her small guest bedroom. And true to Cote de Texas' design concept, this single arm chair actually "makes" the sparingly furnished room.

Perhaps the best piece of advice we could take on board from Cote de Texas is this; when starting out, try to buy one big piece of antique furniture for each room. If money is an issue, then save up instead of settling. I waited years and years (15 to be exact) to be able to afford a Buffet a Deux for my living room. I used funds from my business to pay for it myself so that my husband couldn’t interfere!! Now that I have this piece, it will always be in my house – somewhere – and hopefully in my daughter’s house one day. And from my experience, this is spot on. It has been those antique pieces that I really had to consider, worried that I was spending too much, that I have never regretted. And these are the pieces that I am likely to admire and hold on to forever.

One of our customers is the new proud owner of one our favourite pieces from our last buying trip; this gorgeous c.1800 French Buffet a Deux. I am sure this piece will help to make her room and more importantly, be a piece that she will treasure forever!


  1. That Swedish armchair is divine. If you ever have another one....

  2. I know! We all really loved it. We will let you know if we are ever lucky enough to find another. The hunt continues!

  3. You design style is simply exquisite.